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Scalemail and Chainmail purse
Custom foot flowers.
This was matching earrings and a chocker for with a gothic look.
Fingerless Gauntlet made of aluminum
Fingerless Gauntlets with feather accents for the "Raven Queen"
Wallet Chains - Custom
Left: Stainless Steel 16" with skull embellishment  
Right: Black Stainless Steel 22" 
Below: Stainless Steel and Brass 16"
Gift necklace for friend.  Made with glass blue pearls
15th Anniversary chain for matching pendants.  Weave is called infinity.
Friend's brother fond of skulls.  Created this per his request.  The flat version reminds me of an alien from Space Invaders :), however my friend added depth with the wood backing.
Custom belts.
A friend's son was getting married and as Mother of the Groom I created this for her based on her dress.  It is a mixed of bright aluminum silver and pale pink.  The pearls of Swarovski.
Test chocker, gifted to step daughter.
A associate from work commissioned a "evil eye" for a friend.  This is the result.
Fox Tail
Elemental Keychain
Pendants for friend and her daughters.
Chain for husbands pendant.
Custom anklets with Swarovski crystal focals
Star Trek fan here, I created earrings with a Bajorian flare.
Another chain for husbands pendant.
Custom pattern "Ashley"
Custom chocker or a Black Hawks fan.
Chain mail pouch
Reworked bracelet and necklace for co-worker.
Custom for Ashley.
For my Red and Gold Dragon friend.
Another chain for hubby.


Hand decoration for a friend with his clan colors. (Foam Weapon)


Commissioned to create coif for cat, my guy got to be the model, he did not care for it.


Work in progress, metal chain for over glove.


Work in progress Japanese weave coif.


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