Materials and Workshop  

These images are of my stationary work area.  It may look disorganized but I know were everything is.  Groot is my little desk friend. 
This is my portable work station.  Found this in a craft store and my husband stained it and make a slip proof surface with foam.
Handy Storage!!
Findings and Such....
Chainmail is woven by many individual rings.  To the left you can see some of those rings.  Rings come in a variety of sizes, gauges, materials and colors. 
I have worked with Sterling Silver, Titanium, Bright Aluminum, Anodized Aluminum, Copper, Jewelers Brass, Bronze, Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, Niobium, Enameled Copper, Nickel Silver, Plated, and Rubber rings.
The Above image shows how handy small bags can be for storing rings.
More recent (2019) I have been weaving Scalemail.  This spurred me to catalog all the different types of rings and scales I have for creating pieces.  
As of 6/25/2019
259 different rings (gauge/color/size)
39 different Scales (Size/color/material)
Scale size in the image below are from left to right, Tiny, Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large