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About me

E. Cornman

Chainmail Crafter

The Viking husband and fuzzy helpers. "My boys" as I call them.  They are my family and bring love and happiness to my life each and every day.


If you look up chainmail on the web there is a good definition of, "refers to armor that is made from metal rings that are joined together in a pattern to form a protective mesh. Historically this kind of armor was used to protect soldiers on the battlefield from slashing and stabbing injuries."  At Medieval or Renaissance fairs vendors of chainmail can always be found.  And that is when I first fell in love with it.  I find it interesting that a metal substance, when woven together can be soothing to the touch.  I also find it amazing historically how many different cultures used it for either armor or for decoration. 



Some of the other images are favorite pictures.  This guy was a good friend named "Thor".  I will miss him.

April 2013 - February 2018

My buddy Magnus, Crossed the Rainbow bridge.  Feb 2020

Sunshine Frey, taken to soon from this life

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